The repertoire for the 20th International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition has not yet been published.


Repertoire 2021

Repertoire 2021


Konrad Mikal Øhrn Tibiae Ludum – Playing Flutes

Commissioned Composition for the 19th International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition 2021


“When you asked me to compose a piece for the 19th International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition, you told me to make it more demanding than an average piece, with special effects and some harmonics.” Konrad Mikal Øhrn

“We are convinced that the trio will be a very fun chamber music piece for every flutist.” Trio AbO

For the 19th International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition, the Norwegian composer Konrad Mikal Øhrn was asked to compose a work for three flutes. Prof. Øhrn taught classical composition at the Department of Classical Music and Music Education at the University of Agder / Kristiansand. His list of works for flute is extensive and stylistically varied and includes solo works, music for flute and piano, two flutes, three flutes, music for alto and bass flute, two double flute concertos and a number of works for large flute ensembles. One of his trademarks is a wide range of compositional techniques, and Tibiae Ludum – Playing Flutes also contains various modern elements such as unison humming with the voice or jet whistle.

The world premiere of the work should have taken place on December 13, 2020 in Uelzen at the ceremony for the historical event of ‘Stadtrechtsverleihung’. The city wanted to celebrate 750 years of Uelzen and 50 years of the Kuhlau competition in a festive setting. To celebrate 50 years of Kuhlau Competition with the premiere of the work seemed particularly fitting, since the competition started in 1970 as a composition competition.

Due to the corona pandemic, the event had to be canceled. The Japanese flute trio AbO, which had already prepared intensively for the performance, then recorded the work for the first time. The flutists Kana Hasegawa, Shino Saito and Reona Kuwata played their voices separately, technically accompanied by Martin Zimny ​​from the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf.

The video is published on the YouTube channel of the International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition.

At the 19th International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition in autumn 2021, Tibiae Ludum – Playing Flutes is a compulsory piece in the first round for ensembles with 3 flutes and the jury is looking forward to further interpretations of the new composition.

The current issue of Flöte Aktuell 3/2021 contains a detailed article on Tibiae Ludum – Playing Flutes with contributions by Prof. Jørn Schau from the University of Agder / Norway, the Trio AbO and Konrad Mikal Øhrn.

Tibiae Ludum – Playing Flutes | Trio Abo on YouTube

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