Results 3rd round and awarding of the prizes

The jury listened to the videos of the finalists from the third round and decided on the awarding of the prizes. The results are published as part of a final film. In the ~90-minute film, the winners are also presented with excerpts from their competition videos.

YouTube video 1st round published!

The video shows soloists and ensembles in the 1st round of the International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition. All participants who have reached the 2nd round of the competition are presented with their videos for the 1st round

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Prize winners’ concerts

As part of the Uelzen cultural summer, the ensemble Fleitjepiepen! played a concert called “flute fictions”. In the atrium of the Uelzen town hall, all the chairs were taken and the quartet thrilled the audience – especially passages from Kuhlaus’ opera ‘Lulu’ (arranged for 4 flutes) received a lot of applause!

The concert of the Kuhlau Prize winner Yeajin Lee will take place October, 6.

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Konrad Mikal Øhrn Tibiae Ludum – Playing Flutes

Commissioned Composition for the 19th International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition 2021

Tibiae Ludum – Playing Flutes | Trio AbO on YouTube

“When you asked me to compose a piece for the 19th International Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Competition, you told me to make it more demanding than an average piece, with special effects and some harmonics.” Konrad Mikal Øhrn

“We are convinced that the trio will be a very fun chamber music piece for every flutist.” Trio AbO

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